Recognising Hearing Loss in Babies, Children and Adults

hearing loss babies 300x300 Recognising Hearing Loss in Babies, Children and AdultsIn today’s world, a hearing loss doesn’t have to ruin your quality of life as there are so many solutions available. Unfortunately, many people spend years with an undiagnosed loss meaning that they suffer needlessly.

For this reason, we have created this list of signs to look out for if you suspect that you, or someone you know has a hearing problem.


Obviously, a baby can’t tell you if they are having a problem, we have to figure that out for ourselves. With a hearing loss at this age it can be difficult to determine but here are some key things to watch for.

  • They don’t react to loud noises

Even from quite a young age, babies will show surprise at a sudden loud noise. If there is no reaction, this could be a big indicator of a hearing problem.

  • They don’t react when you call them

Although babies do not understand words, as they get older, they react to voices when spoken to. If the baby does not turn to look at you when you speak to them, it could mean they have a hearing loss.

  • They cannot say single words by the end of their first year

By the age of one, most babies have learned things like ‘Mama’, ‘Dada’, and, of course, the word ‘No’! If your child cannot form any words by this age it could mean that their development has been slowed by a hearing loss.

  • They hear some things, but not others

As different sounds are at different frequencies, if a baby seems to hear some sounds and not others, it could indicate a hearing loss. High frequency loss is more common meaning that they may not hear children’s or women’s voices as well as male voices.


As children get older, it can become easier to recognise the signs of a hearing loss. Development in school and social skills can be greatly affected but often the child will not discuss the problem.

  • Speech development

If your child has difficulty forming words correctly or mumbling, it could be because they do not hear the words clearly enough to learn them. This can be distressing for the child and often make them less willing to try as they feel ‘stupid’.

  • Always saying “What?”

If your child is constantly asking people to repeat themselves they could potentially be suffering from a hearing loss. Sometimes this can be dismissed as the child simply not listening properly but it could realistically be that they honestly cannot hear what is said.

  • Talking very Loudly

If the child has a hearing loss then everything will sound different in their own ears. This can lead to them talking at a loud level without them realising.

  • They always have their TV or music volume really loud

As parents know, this could simply be kids being kids. It can also mean that they NEED the volume up this loud. If they always listen at a high level, it may not necessarily be misbehaviour, it could be a sign that they are experiencing hearing problems.

  • Bad Behaviour

For many parents, the occasional episode of bad behaviour is normal. If they are constantly acting out and there does not seem to be any reason for it, this could be a sign of hearing difficulty. The inability to hear can be frustrating and missing out on instructions, particularly at school can make them feel singled out. Watch out for them appearing to ignore people like yourself or teachers as they may not be doing it on purpose.

  • Avoiding friends and spending a lot of time alone  300x199 Recognising Hearing Loss in Babies, Children and AdultsMost children want to be out playing as much as possible. If your child actively avoids things like birthday parties or play date invitations, it could be that there is an underlying reason. Children will feel left out if they cannot join in with everyone else and this can lead to depression and a feeling of loneliness. If they keep getting invited places and refuse to go, it could be a clue that perhaps they feel they CAN’T join in.

Children can be difficult to figure out, especially as they get older and they can switch moods in a split second. The signs above don’t necessarily mean that they have a hearing problem but if you notice any of these and are worried at all, the best thing you can do is get it checked.


An adult will usually know if they are having hearing difficulties. The problem is that many adults will not admit it. It can be frightening to discover that you have a hearing loss no matter how old you are but, without treatment, it is unlikely to get better. If you, or a family member or friend shows any of the following symptoms, it may be worth getting a hearing test.

  • Always having music or television volume high

Like children, many adults will raise the volume levels without realising just how loud it is. If you find that you need to do this often and, possibly, it still sounds like people are mumbling, then you may be suffering from a hearing loss.

  • Always asking people to repeat themselves

Like we mentioned in the children’s section, if you are constantly asking people to say things more than once it can mean you have hearing difficulties. If you often miss parts of conversation, find certain sounds difficult to hear or misunderstand what people are saying then you need to get your hearing checked.

  • Doesn’t hear phone calls or people at the door

Doorbells and phone ring tones are often high frequency sounds which means that many people with a hearing loss will often miss these sounds. If you, or someone you know is frequently unable to hear these sounds then there may be a hearing loss.

  • Find group situations difficult

A hearing loss can be made worse by crowded situations because of the level of background noise. Often, people in this situation will become irritable or seem to be completely ignoring the conversation.

  • Avoiding social situations

As mentioned above, these can be difficult for people with a hearing loss. It is common for someone with hearing problems to become withdrawn and refuse to participate in social activities. This can lead to depression and anxiety so if you notice yourself or a loved one beginning to avoid social interaction it could be a clue that they are having hearing difficulties.

Hearing loss can be distressing for both sufferers and for parents of children who have this condition. There are a great number of different solutions available to manage almost all types of hearing loss so there is no reason to suffer in silence. If you notice any of these signs, or indeed, anything else that causes you concern, the best thing you can do is get it checked by a professional audiologist.

Building The Foundation For A Stronger Body

We have already wrote about how to become strong topic before. With today’s day and age, there are more and more sources of unhealthy toxins that bombard us each and every day. Of course, with improved technology and medical information, we are able to more effectively handle emergency situations. But the main thing is with increased pollution, unnatural foods, and unhealthy waters it requires a bigger effort to maintain a healthy body. In addition, with technology and transportation, in today’s world it is also less required to stay active on a day to day basis.

strong body 300x261 Building The Foundation For A Stronger Body

In order to ensure a healthy and strong body, it is important to be aware of certain fundamental building blocks to prevent dissatisfaction in overall health goals. By beginning the process in a smart, and more planned fashion it can greatly help in ensuring that each and every effort yields better results.

Focus On What You Want, and Not on What You Don’t Want

 This is a primary factor that is commonly overlooked by many people. As a matter of fact, many of us spend more energy on thinking about what we don’t want, and it is mostly caused by fear of not achieving what we desire. A simple concept that can be effective in this area is to “keep your eyes on the goal”. Whatever we focus on is what we will work towards, so if you don’t want something in particular, don’t focus on it at all!

Have The Long Term Envisioned

become shrong 300x199 Building The Foundation For A Stronger BodyRather than seeing the overall fitness goals for short term gain, see it as an overall lifestyle change instead. In order to maintain enthusiasm towards an overall mindset change to achieve more energy and a better health, focus should be spent towards building a foundation for a new life. Too often, many people focus only on what they want to achieve in a matter of months, or a couple of years. And when they do achieve their goals, they no longer see as it as required for their life, and then begin to lose their overall physique they wanted in the first place.

Take Small, Persistent Steps

Rather than thinking that you have to train to be a professional bodybuilder or athlete, take into consideration that you are starting from where you are and probably not someone who has been training for many years or decades. When thinking in the long run, achieving the health and fitness you want does not require intense exercise, but moderate to light exercise would be more than sufficient. Don’t step too much out of your comfort zone when working out, as it can cause more problems in the long term as well.

Increase The Variety in Exercises

When it comes to maintaining a overall lifestyle change, it can become very boring by doing the same movements over again. By incorporating new and exciting fitness routines, the overall journey to a healthier and fit body can become less boring and more fun. For example, rather than only going to the gym to work out, why not consider going out for a long walk, hike, or bike ride? Also, by doing a wide variety of fitness routines, it can prevent the bodies’ muscles from getting used to one exercise. The main benefit of this is because by adapting to regular exercises, it can prevent further muscle adaptation and muscle growth.

Listen to what your body is telling you

It is not only important to listen to your body when it comes to working out, but as well as eating. As for working out, your body can tell you if you’re over exercising as it can result in symptoms such as joint pains, muscle fatigue, or stress. As for eating, well if you feel way to full than your eating too much. Also, when it comes to certain muscle gain supplements, it is important to pay attention to the body if it is experiencing a positive or negative reaction to it.

Focus On Consuming Healthy Foods

become stronger Building The Foundation For A Stronger BodyOne of the most important factors in achieving strength results is ensuring to consume healthy food and water. Many people are dissatisfied with their results for become stronger and more fit, and a lot of the time what is causing it is the lack of healthy foods that promote recovery from workouts. Also, in addition to healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, alkaline water is great for maintaining a balanced body pH for ensuring an optimal state for muscle recovery.

By incorporating the 5 key principals into your overall efforts to achieve a healthier and stronger body, it can help in ensuring that a plateau isn’t reached either for physical muscle gain, mental enthusiasm or interest. However, maintaining a regular fitness regime requires a passion for health, and an overall desire to make an overall lifestyle change for the better.

How To Eat Well Without Spending A Fortune

In the barest, simplest terms, expenses can be broken down into two broad categories: things you need to buy, and things you want to buy. There are those things no one can do without, and therefore must spend money on: housing, utilities, transportation, and food. The trick is to try and cut the expenses on the necessities, which thereby frees up more money for buying those things you want.

medium 7518199468 How To Eat Well Without Spending A Fortune
Now you don’t have to choose between an empty stomach or an empty bank account

Let’s focus here on how to have a happy, full stomach without winding up with a sad, empty bank account. It is very possible to consistently enjoy a series of delicious meals, while creating a budget for your stomach.

Growing Your Own
With all these concerns about things like pesticides and genetically modified foods, perhaps one of the easiest, most direction solutions is to just grown your own. Consider the benefits of your own garden: inexpensive, healthy produce that you can take a measure of pride in having cultivated yourself. You know where this produce came from and what’s been done to it. And let’s not forget the benefits of working outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Now, of course, there are limitations to this. After all, it takes work, and you need to have the space for it. But even if you live in an apartment, you can still do things like growing herbs to use in cooking. Speaking of cooking …

Do More Of Your Own Cooking
Granted, going out to eat means more convenience, as someone else takes care of the chores of cooking, serving, and cleanup. And that’s all well and good, and shouldn’t be eliminated altogether, but look at how much it costs to buy component ingredients and prepare them yourself, versus purchasing the finished product at a restaurant. Take this simple example: if you go to a bar and order a decent beer, you’ll pay, what, maybe four dollars for it? Five maybe? And yet, a six-pack of that same decent beer sets you back around eight dollars, and you get much more.

Check Out A Diet Plan Or Two, Even If You’re Not Dieting
No, we’re not talking here about one of those bizarre plans like the Bat Guano And Lime Juice Diet, or some other idiocy. But responsible, realistic diets, like Weight Watchers, for example, tries to teach good eating habits such as portion control, and encourages people to experiment with different ingredients and do more cooking. In fact, my wife and I find that we not only save money but we also eat better when we’re on Weight Watchers.

Plan A Menu And Stick With It
This is related to the above-mentioned diet idea. Write up a menu for, say, the weekday meals. Make a shopping list for what you’ll need, and stick with it. Hey who knows, maybe you can also find some coupons for the stuff you need. And by all means, don’t go food shopping when you’re hungry!

Avoid Junk
Not only are junk food snacks not good for you, they can add up price-wise. Consider phasing them out to the point where they are more of a once in a while treat, as opposed to a daily staple. But don’t just settle for something; try different foods and see which ones appeal to you, then keep an eye out for when they’re on sale or featured as a special.

All Things In Moderation
It would be hypocritical of me to tell everyone “Don’t eat processed foods, and stay away from restaurants! Throw away those chips and salsa and enjoy handfuls of dirt and gravel instead!” To heck with that! The point is to save money and yet still be satisfied gastronomically, not to be made miserable. Sure, go out every once in a while for a beer or three. Hit a restaurant every so often, and even (gasp!) a fast food joint on occasion.

But the bottom line is, if you take more of a hands-on approach to meals, you’ll save money and eat better. Grab some coupons, keep an eye on specials and sales, and make meals yourself that you have planned for in advance, and phase out some of those restaurant and chain eatery visits. You’ll be surprised how much healthier you and your bank account will be.