9 Most Bizarre Skin Treatments From Around the Globe


Skin TreatmentsAre you looking for a spa treatment that’s a little outside the norm? There are several skin treatments available around the world to satisfy your needs for adventure. Whether you want to get wrapped in chocolate or massaged by snakes, this list shows your options. We dare you to try some of them. Anyways, here are 9 most bizzare skins treatments from around the globe:

1. Fish Pedicure to Remove Dead Skin

Instead of using a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells from your feet (plantar wart removal), you can soak your feet in a pool of tiny fish. They swim up and nibble at your feet. This skin treatment is becoming more and more popular at spas around the world.

2. Tension Relief Massage with Snakes

You can go to Israel for a massage where several California and Florida king snakes slither along your back. The up and down motion is supposed to relieve tension. These non-venomous snakes are actually quite relaxing, if you can get over the fact that there are snakes on your back.

3. The Chocolate Spa in Hershey Pennsylvania

Chocolate has a sweet aroma that relaxes your mind, but it is a good skin treatment, too. In Hershey, Pennsylvania, the Hershey’s Chocolate Spa offers chocolate fondue wraps, whipped cocoa baths, a chocolate bean polish, and more. Also, in Hershey you can find a halotherapy.

4. Bath of Red Wine, Green Tea, or Dark Beer

You’ve probably heard of a mud bath, but what about a red wine bath? In Hakone, Japan, Yunessan Spa has relaxing pools with several “flavors” to choose from. Green tea will boost your immune system while sake refreshes your skin. There is a similar spa in the Czech Republic that helps you detoxify your body with a dark beer bath. If you ever go there, you should try an Ipe Roxo bath.

5. Cactus Massage

Located in the Mexican desert, there is the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita where you can get a cactus massage to rehydrate your skin and remove toxins. You might think this is crazy because cactus is prickly, but they use a prick-free variety and blend it down into a cream.

6. Bird Excrement on Your Face

Most commonly done hundreds of years ago by geisha’s in Japan, this facial treatment involves rubbing sterilized nightingale excrement onto your skin. It is supposed to restore enzymes. Even Victoria Beckham has tried it. This treatment is found in both New York and Hawaii.

7. Bull Sperm Hair Treatment

Commonly referred to as “Viagra for Hair,” this treatment involves conditioning your hair with a mixture of sperm from a bull. It is supposed to moisturize your hair and restore its health. This treatment is available at Hari’s Salon in Knightsbridge, London.

8. Cupping Massage

In this skin treatment, heated cups are placed all over your body with a vacuum system. It increases your blood flow and reduces stress tension. When the cups are removed, though, your body is covered in temporary red welts.

9. Snail Slime on Your Face

Snail Slime on Your Face, Skin TreatmentsChilean snails have a slime full of antioxidants that are good for your skin. There are spas where you can literally let these little snails crawl around on your face. They treat acne and help reduce fine lines. Also, we have written more on acne treatment here.

Which one of these bizarre skin treatments would you like to try? Have you tried any nontraditional skin treatments not mentioned on this list?