Tips on How to be Diet Friendly

 Tips on How to be Diet FriendlyA lot has been said about the way we eat is the way we look, or something like that on those lines. It’s no witchy secret these days to know how to keep fit, stay healthy and look younger at the same time. Most of us find it challenging to lose that extra flab, but if you have to, you have to. Remember, you have to workout on the double to what you eaten, keep it a ratio of 80:20. This means one should follow a diet which is balanced and yet have an eye on the amount of calories being consumed as well. Today we would like to share with you some tips on how to fall in love with your diet. Hence, please read on and be well-informed for the same.

It’s a Good Day to Eat, Eat and Eat Away

Yes, you read that right, we are asking you to eat away all day. This shouldn’t sound contrary to what the traditional diet book says, because when hunger pangs hit you, you tend to gorge. And you would gorge on just about anything around, not bothering about the calories being consumed. But when you eat small meals, healthy ones all day long, there wouldn’t be any starving. If there is no starving, the blood sugar levels would be elevated, and this would help you control your weight too. So eat healthy snacks, salads or small healthy meals all day long.


Sleep Early

Early to bed and early to rise, sure does make you healthy and wise. The lesser you sleep, the more would eat, blame those hunger hormones that act wicked. Switch that television off early at night, bedtime should be regular and when all of this is followed, the hunger hormones wouldn’t have a chance to attack. With a sleeping schedule consistent and in place, there wouldn’t be a chance for you to skip your diet the next morning.

Think Positive

Most of us self-crucify and feel guilty about what we eat, post the gorging session. But with the right thoughts and focus, one can do away with all that guilt. Guilt leads to psychological hunger pangs, and the body craves for unhealthy food to satiate the need. This thus leads to overeating and weight gain too. Get your willpower strong and choose your food wisely. We already wrote how to think positive.

Why Stress?

We all know those annoying deadlines that hang on our heads like a sword, and those fights at home with the spouse, or the traffic snarls and that annoying neighbor who sings aloud every morning while you try to sleep, but why stress. Did you know, the more you stress on anything, the worse it would be, especially on your eating habits? Keep stress away, fit in a meditation routine, deep breathing, yoga or a brisk walk with music plugged in your ears. This would help you be happy and healthy, and away from unhealthy foods. Here is what are our ways to relieve stress.

Get Up That Couch

 Tips on How to be Diet FriendlyOh yes, once you are done reading this, the first thing we want you to do is to lift up that behind of yours and go make real friends in the real world out there. The Internet has taken over every aspect of our lives, friends and social contacts too. While yes, you could have fun in more ways than one on line, but sitting in front of the computer all the time and chatting away leads to fat gain. HOW? Well, you would sit and chat with someone, end up sitting and eating right there. Eating foods which are nothing but junk and of high calories, no physical activities happen. You tend to put on more weight, people see your photos or watch you on cam and snigger, you get depressed, which leads to guilty comfort eating, and you put on more weight. Do you want this to happen to you? NO!! So get up and go out there, meet real people and engage with the positive ones around. NoronhaBody Healthbody care,Fitness,Health,Tips on How to be Diet Friendly,weigh lossTips on How to be Diet Friendly A lot has been said about the way we eat is the way we look, or something like that on those lines. It’s no witchy secret these days to know how to keep fit, stay healthy and look younger at the same time....Your Daily Medicine And Healthy Pregnancy