How to Deal with Postpartum Headaches


pregnancy Postpartum headacheIn a pregnancy, the woman’s body goes through many changes. Most of these changes are hormonal and they take place in preparation for accommodating the baby. These hormones are usually present in much smaller numbers but increase rapidly during the pregnancy. After the pregnant mother delivers her baby, her body takes time to normalize and return to its former state. This normalization usually happens postpartum or after the delivery of the baby.

Postpartum, for a new mother, can be a difficult time. The hormones can play havoc and cause a lot of emotional trauma. This emotional upheaval with the physical demands of a newborn baby can be tricky. New mothers often get bad headaches as a result of the postpartum changes. Though not a common symptom, headaches are known to happen.

Postpartum headaches have been known to appear within a few weeks of the delivery. These headaches can be triggered either by lack of sleep or just the hormonal changes happening in the body.  Headaches can be a dull ache or blinding ache like migraines or in rare cases, even headaches caused due to leaking spinal fluid. These leaks can happen while getting an epidural.  These headaches should not last more than a few months after delivery. If they do then you should get them checked out. Sometimes as the body is returning to normal, changes in the blood volume can lead to clots. These clots can lead to embolisms, in rare cases. However, headaches should not be ignored.

Tips for New Moms

Pregnancy-HeadachesThe primary way to help these headaches is to rest it out. Post delivery it is important to give your mind and body rest to heal on its own. Taking care of the baby is usually work enough, so try not taking any additional tasks. Except, help wherever possible! New mothers should also try alternate healing therapies like aromatherapy, relaxation techniques, yoga and massage.  Try essential oils like lavender, peppermint, geranium or bergamot for relaxation. You can use it as a diffuser or even just spray it around the room.

You can try cold water compresses at the base of your neck which also works well to relieve headaches. Coffee is also a very effective remedy for headaches but is advised only for mum who are not breastfeeding. Mothers who aren’t breastfeeding can also consider mild drugs if the headaches are absolutely unbearable.

New mothers should try to get onto a healthy and balanced diet as soon as they can. Exercise usually has to be postponed for a few months but they can start eating properly. Eating a balanced diet ensures that the body starts to get its vital nutrients, helping body build its weakened defenses faster.

The diet needs to be enriched, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, along with plenty of minerals and vitamins. Additional intake of fruits, milk and nuts also are very helpful. Eating foods rich in natural sugar helps maintain the glucose levels and keeps potential headaches at bay. Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

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