How to Get Rid of Chiggers?


How to Get Rid of Chiggers?

how-to-get-rid-of-chiggersIf you are wondering how to get rid of chiggers, then this article is for you! So, what are chiggers?  Chiggers are rare parasites. Climatic changes have contributed to the increase in the frequency of the presence of chiggers. This was affected by the warmer weather, because there are more generations per year and every year the number increases, since more and more are also extended to areas where they previously existed.

They hide under leaves, grass and bushes where they wait for the host. After some time on the host chiggers search for the best place where they can attach, after which they penetrate through skin and begin to feed on blood. The tube of a chiggers, which is used for penetrating through skin is very sharp and has some kind of anchor, which is strongly linked to the skin and is difficult to draw. After some time host can see a rash that was caused by chiggers.

Chiggers Treatment

At the site of chiggers bites may appear less redness and swelling which lasts a few days with minor severe itching. This change is not a result of infection, but irritative effects of foreign substances that enter the skin through chiggers bites.

Only a small number of bites result in the transfer of some microorganisms (if the chigger was infected), which can ultimately result in infection and the appearance of a man bitten symptoms, usually only 1-2 weeks after a bite. Therefore, it is not necessary after each contact with chiggers to seek medical attention – simply remove them from the skin.

However, if after a few days after a bite symptoms of disease occur – such as fever, pain in muscles and joints, general weakness (flu like), or headaches, nausea, vomiting and the appearance of skin changes (different forms of rash), it is necessary to consult a competent physician to determine the time which the disease is carried out and appropriate treatment.

Most of the diseases transmitted by chiggers are milder forms and treatment can be done at home, while only a small number of cases requires treatment in hospital, either for purposes of applying the complex (intravenous) therapy or because of the potential complications and more serious consequences.

It should be noted that the majority of diseases that occur after a chigger bite can be prevented by avoiding contact with chiggers or with timely and proper removal of them from the body, while only one disease (tick-borne encephalitis) may be prevented by the vaccine.

Chiggers can transmit several diseases, which are mainly animal diseases (zoonoses), and only rarely transmitted to humans. Chiggers become infected by sucking the blood of infected animals. People become infected after geting bitten with an infected chigger’s saliva. The bite of chiggers commonly transmits borreliosis (Lyme disease, erythema migrans), tick-borne encephalitis, tularemia, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, and some rickettsioses.

Get Rid of Chiggers

The best way to get rid of chiggers is if you access the problem calmly. In past, we believed that if you need to get rid of chigger you need to drown it in the oil or glue, but it is certainly wrong. By doing that chiggers will suffocate and throw a poison into the wound. It can be very dangerous. To remove them correctly you need a thin tweezers. Drag it in different directions; avoid crushing or squeezing.

Try to tear it all. Do not panic if a part of it remains. Wash hands with soap and water and then disinfect your bite spot. If you notice a red circle around the wound consult a doctor immediately. Since symptoms can often be delayed, pay attention to the bite site even four weeks after the incident. Notice that chiggers are not to be mistaken with bed bugs (Bed Bug Registry) and dust mites (Dust Mite Bites).

to get rid of chiggers. To give you a clear insight in chiggers rash, we decided to post some chiggers pictures.

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  1. Chiggers are 1/150 of an inch in diameter. I suppose you could see them and take them out with tweezers. I have never been able to see them, just the small red rash they leave behind.

  2. This article talks more about chiggers. Most people cannot see chiggers let alone remove them with tweezers because they are microscopic.

  3. I’ve had chiggers twice, just had them. Listen to me because I know how bad it is, the only way I was able to get rid of them both times was to take a bath with bleach in it. I filled up the top to where my thighs, butt and stomach were submerged and I added about 2 cups of bleach. I sat there for about 10-15 minutes, rinsed off so that the bleach wouldn’t make any towels splotchy and that was it. It worked both times. I don’t know if bleach is bad for you skin, but I can tell you it was well worth it. Hope this helps!

    • To TigerWu…thank you for posting your blog about using bleach water. We just moved to Florida and found out there are chiggers around us and love the cypress trees here. We will be spraying for them every 3 months but am glad to know how to get rid of them on our bodies if we do get bitten. Many thanks!

    • Glad I not the only one to remember this remedy. we use to do this all the time if we played outside in the grass in Oklahoma in the summer time. never had any ill effects from it. Works excellent.

  4. Here’s what my mom and I did. We moved to Oregon and somehow while walking picked up a couple chiggers along the way. First they started on the ankle on the first day I thought maybe it was an ingrown hair or problem with a new razor. Second day it was pretty obvious it was chiggers from the bites. So here is the advice I was given and has worked immediately.
    Take a hot shower (as hot as you can bare). When you get out and the skin is dry and clean apply clear nail polish to the bites. Some have been able to track their bites to find out which to apply it to but I could tell so I applied nail polish to all the bites. This will seal the bite and kill the chigger. Do not pull off the nail polish wash it off in hot showers. What wasn’t really clear was how long to apply the nail polish so I’m going to keep doing it for a week or so. For two reasons it helps me keep track so I know if new bites show up (which they haven’t) and in case any are still alive I want to be thorough. So far so good everything worked. My brother in law in the marines actually gave me a tip after this (because in training they had ops in brush/chigger country) is to wear nylons/pantyhose/tights. Chiggers apparently cannot grab onto them. So if it’s a great enough prevention for the U.S. Marines it’s good enough for me. Along with remedies/repellent like Chiggerx.

  5. Chiggers (harvest mites), which are not ticks but arachnids, do not suck blood and do not transmit tick-borne diseases in North America. They inject digestive enzymes into the skin to dissolve it, which they suck out, and the local reaction to the salive triggers the intense itching and inflammatory reaction.

    Midges, often called sand fleas or nosiums, are tiny flys and do suck blood, which also causes intense itching and inflammation. In Central America, they can transmit Mansonella filaria.

  6. I live in oklahoma and I have always used a cup of vinigar in a warm bath it is great for removing itching and getting rid of any bugs.

  7. Just this AM saw hundreds of tiny chiggers in the grass & crawling into the porch & into window sills. I filled my spray bottle with Apple Cider Vinegar & spayed them & and areas around them. They died instantly! We also, live in Oklahoma.

  8. Went Blackberry picking and have chiggers, going to try the Vinegar Bath. Have red spots on skin with a whitehead like middle. Can’t see the chiggers but can feel them bite and then in seconds there’s a red spot. Never thought of Chiggers until my Mom told me. Never had them and always played in the grass. Begone chiggers.

  9. I am a very experienced Army National Guard Infantry Medic, not a saleman, here is new GREAT chigger/red bug medicated ointment I highly recommend. Chiggerex. It works for skeeters and ticks too. It should work for fire ant bites too, even bee stings but I have go out and get bit by an ant before I can vouch for it.

    • Report #2 Yes, Now I can vouch that Chiggerex does combat fire ant bites as well, Also NewSkin liquid bandage, better than clear fingernail polish, helps nullify the chigger bites. These two products have extra medications added to them. One way to get rid of chiggers on the skin is to stab them with an ice pick… just kidding!