Over Prescribing Antibiotics and How it is Affecting Our Health


antibiotics, overuse of antibioticsAntibiotics have saved millions of lives around the world since they became popular with the advent of penicillin and other mould-based antimicrobial agents in the 40’s. Since then we have developed hundreds of different classes of antibiotics, each one with a different method of disabling and/or killing specific kinds of bacteria.

However, although these wonder drugs can be lifesavers when a patient is having trouble fending off infection, they are also leading to a potential public health crisis. Doctors are over prescribing antibiotics, and in many cases they’re being taken in situations that they are not even helpful in. The overuse of antibiotics in modern society is causing a number of problems, including the:

Killing of Friendly Flora

friendly flora, overuse of antibioticsOur bodies are inhabited by millions of microorganisms (bacteria) that work with us symbiotically to keep the population of bad bacteria in check. This “good” bacteria, or flora, reside in our gut, colon, mouth, and intestinal tract, and they play a huge role in our immune health. Unfortunately, antibiotics do not discriminate in the type of bacteria they kill.

As a result a course of antibiotics not only kills the bacteria responsible for pathogenic infections, it also gets rid of much, if not all of your friendly flora, leaving you susceptible to secondary infections like gastroenteritis (the stomach flu). During the past decade doctors have begun recommending yogurt and other probiotic mixtures like kefir to help patients restore their balance of intestinal flora. Also aronia melanocarpa is widely used into the restoring of immunity.

Mutation of “Superbugs”

immunity, overuse of antibioticsAnother problem with the over prescribing of antibiotics is that many people do not finish taking the entire prescription, and some of the bad bacteria are left behind. Those leftover bacteria are then more likely to develop a mutation that will make them resistant to the same antibiotic the next time they encounter it.

This is how super bugs like MRSA have developed, leading to out of control infections in emergency rooms around the world. Hospitals have become breeding grounds for these super bugs, and there are only a few antibiotics left that are known to have the ability to kill these dangerous bacteria. That is why on FeelGoodTime.net we are giving a big space for alternative medicine, such is schizandra chinensis.

Suppression of Immune Function

antibiotic, overuse of antibioticsIn addition to creating the above problems, also suppresses immune function. When your body begins to depend on a drug to get rid of infections it loses its ability to do so effectively without assistance.

This is why a lot of people take antibiotics to get rid of an infection and then a few weeks later they develop another infection or the infection returns. Their body simply isn’t prepared to fend off invaders because it has been under constant protection by antibiotics that kill off both pathogens and friendly flora.

When the antibiotics are no longer in your system your body will inevitably encounter all of those germs again, especially if you don’t thoroughly disinfect your living environment, which is almost impossible to do unless you live in a quarantined bubble.

Germs float through the air, they attach to your clothes, and there are millions of them crawling on your skin right now. No amount of Lysol, hand soap, or penicillin can change that, and so eventually, your body will have to face them again, and when it does it will be in for a rude awakening if it hasn’t had the practice that it needs.


  1. Thanks for the article. I agree, doctors are overprescribing antibiotics and people should be made aware of the consequences.