Pedophobia Causes, Symptoms And Treatment


Pedophobia Causes, Pedophobia Symptoms

pedophobia, Pedophobia Symptoms “Don’t get your child spoiled”, “That will spoil your children”, those were only some of the advices of our parents. Today there is a term for this. Fear of children, resulting getting your child spoiled is called pedophobia.  This article is listed in “children health” because this behavior affects more your children’s health then parent’s, though it is most commonly caused by parent’s emotional or mental dis-balance.

Pedophobia is a term for parents, who are struggling in the role of parent-educators and become helpless because children with their wishes and desires become more master-tyrants, and therefore parents dare not to oppose, but they comply with everything. At this point the cause for pedophobia is similar as one for developing gamophobia (fear of marriage, intimacy), or anuptaphobia (fear of becoming single).

Parents are not strong enough to do what is best for their children, but they comply with their wishes, because they are afraid that if they don’t give in, it could cause their children to not develop as normal human beings. For a parent who is showing a signs of pedophobia is considered to be pedophobic.

Cause of this sort of phobia is hard to determine, since this is a relatively new-used term – pedophobia. There could be a numerous of causes, and some of the most common are traumas from childhood, where parents lost someone very close to themselves and therefore they want to comply with every wish of their children. This behavior is not to be mixed with compulsive-obsessive personality disorder. It may only be a sign that a parent has not developed a strong parental role in life, and is not enough emotionally strong.

What parent must know is a way to help a child to develop. The most common pedophobia side-effect is that a child will get spoiled. The other side-effects may be very dangerous to the future mental development of a child, yet it depends of the intensity of this behavior. Also, this is common for a single parent and if there is only one child. With the second child parents are getting more parental approach and are helping a child in a right way.

As mentioned above, this phobia was now researched enough so there are almost none researches and experiments which are dealing with this behavior. Pedophobia is a relatively new subject and is expected in a future that psychologists will know more about this. Pedophobia is also known as phobia of children, or children phobia.