Skin careI feel sad when I hear about the many falsehoods floating around in the world of skin care. People are deceived to believe in quick fixes and miracles. But here is the truth: fixes and miracles don’t work. Myths on skin care are circulating and at one time they may seduce you into buying certain products that purport to remedy skin disorders only to realize that they are actually sabotaging your complexion. With all these myths around, you need to make an informed decision. And the best advice I can give is: use your common sense. Do not be buy skin care products that will otherwise frustrate you.

You have the option of giving your skin the best. Just start now and follow the best skin care routine. This will guarantee you the best results. Make a choice today!

1. Shaving Makes Hair Thicker

At number ten is the myth that says that shaving makes hair thinker.  This is a common misconception that has no basis. It lacks evidence and it is initiated to confuse you into buying such products. To be exact, I can call it a market ploy out to hijack you into purchasing a certain product or service. There is no evidence to suggest that shaving makes hair grow back thicker. Shaving only grows hair back making it dark and grows neither thicker nor stronger.

2. Teens only get Wrinkles

Wrinkles are normal. They develop at any age to anyone. They begin as small lines and develop to noticeable bigger marks that can really upset you. So if you are experiencing this, do not worry. Your friend too is experiencing the same. All you have to do is to continue taking good care of your skin by getting the best skin care guidelines.

You must understand that the emergence of wrinkles is influenced by genetics. You have no control over it. The best thing you can do is to minimize them by applying the best cream and other measures available in our blog and other online solutions.

3. Expensive skin care cream is Better than Inexpensive

Numerous skin care products are taking the market by storm these days. They present a perfect opportunity for consumers to choose and this has brought about competition resulting to reduced costs. However, selecting the best may be a challenge. And it is really hard to land the best. This has made many potential consumers to think that expensive is quality. But I tend to differ. Expensive is not necessarily quality. You can find similar product out there for less. The ingredient is the same and it is up to you to evaluate the best out of the many in the market.

4. Dirt is Cause for Acne

Reality: Dirt or poor hygiene doesn’t cause Acne. Acne is a hair follicle disorder that occurs when the follicle raptures. This results in their inflammation thus creating an impact. Also, note that acne is never brought by lack of cleansing. In other words, frequent cleansing cannot heal it. And if you thought that by washing your face too often would reduce acne, then you are doing your face more harm. It has been established that washing your face too often actually increases acne. We already wrote more about the topic: “How to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight“.

5. Wrinkles are Caused by Dry Skin

Reality: Wrinkles don’t cause dry skin. Dry skin is as a result of cold. Mostly, it occurs during the winter period. During this time, the heated air inside the skin causes law humidity.

Top 10 Common Skin Myths

 6. Tanning is Safe

This can’t stand the test of research. The truth of the matter is that indoor tanning is unsafe. Tanning beds and booths cause skin mutations. This leads to cancerous lesions. Therefore, the myth that tanning beds and booths do not bring about skin mutations is a complete lie. This is largely caused by the UV rays found in indoor tanning that leads to deeper skin damage.

7. Food Habits are Cause for Acne

It is true that the kind of food you eat influences your general health. Food is known to nourish your body organ such as skin. It supplies important minerals that guard the body against infections. And food habits themselves don’t cause acne.

8. Adults don’t get Acne

Reality: This is potently false. Skin problems are universal and afflict everyone as long as he/she is undergoing growth. Research has it that about 30% of women and 20% of men aged between 20 to 60 experiences breakouts at least once in their lifetime.

9. Antibacterial Soap Makes your Skin Clean

skin-acneMost people believe that antibacterial completely wipe germs from the skin. But here is something you need to know: antibacterial soaps only suspend these germs to the surface ready for cleansing. The ingredients used to make antibacterial soap are hard. So if you love your skin, you need to keep them off your skin. They actually stripe all the skin oil and water from the surface exposing your skin to infections such as acne. In addition, when you apply these soaps, they create more resistant strain of Bacteria. They tend to thrive even in harsher conditions. And according to research, it is recommended that adequate hand washing is the only way to keep the microorganisms at bay. If you have acne problem, we at recommend our: “How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Overnight” article.

10. Women have more Skin Problem than Men

This is False. Men have skins that secrete more sebum than women. This makes them sweat more. Consequently producing more hair growth .This means that most men have oily skin types making them more prone to skin acne than women. In some cases this can causes serious dandruff problem. If you have this problem, you might want to find out how to get rid of dandruff.

With the influence of hormones, they produce more sebum that combines with the produced sweat. This therefore leads to the growth of acne. AlanBody HealthHome HealthMedical Scienceacne cream,body care,Fitness,Health,scar cream,skin care,skin care cream,skin health,skin myths,skin problemI feel sad when I hear about the many falsehoods floating around in the world of skin care. People are deceived to believe in quick fixes and miracles. But here is the truth: fixes and miracles don’t work. Myths on skin care are circulating and at one time they...Your Daily Medicine And Healthy Pregnancy