What are Benefits and Side Effects of Maca Root Powder?


What are Benefits and Side Effects of Maca Root Powder?

maca powderMaca root powder is made of maca root. Maca root, also known as Lepidium meyenii, is a plain, very resistant plant of the family Cruciferae, reddish roots like radishes. The maca root is usually dried and stored can last for 7 years. Over time, the Inca legend says the Inca warriors were taking taking these plants before battles, which would give them enormous power but after winning the battle would not take it due to the strong effect on sex drive.

Thus, even before 5000 years, benefits of maca  powder have already had a reputation for strong force, libido, and that they were good for increasing of the fertility. Maca root powder is now more popular because of its beneficial aphrodisiac properties, and generally strengthening of the body. Lepidium meyenii is known as a Peruvian root. Due to increased demand for this plant, in Peru every year more and more areas are under the plant. Maca root powder is now available worldwide as a dietary supplement.

Maca Powder Benefits

maca-root-powderMaca powder benefits refer to the adaptogen – adaptogen is a substance in our body which plays an important role in increasing the resistance of our body, energy supplies, it boosts the immune system and reduces stress. Closely affects the hormonal system, which will directly affect almost everything: energy state of the organism, growth, sexual stamina and overall health. It contains vitamins B1, B2, B12 and C to ensure proper functioning of the heart, the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, cell growth and adequate production of red blood cells.

Maca root powder also contains four types of alkaloids, which are indirectly through hormone system responsible for the proper utilization of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.
To conclude – with regular use, you’ll do great service to yourself and your body, because maca powder benefits are:

  • quick supply of body energy
  • increase of endurance
  • alleviation of chronic fatigue
  • increase of fertility
  • relieve of menstrual symptoms
  • reduce of hormonal disorders during menopause
  • regulation of hormonal balance in the body
  • improvement of the overall health
  • reduce of stress
  • treatment of anemia
  • help with wound healing
  • improvement of memory, mental and academic abilities
  • providing the skin a youthful look
  • contributing to healthy bones and teeth
  • acting as an antioxidant and anticancerogenic, thus reducing the risk of cancer tissues and the development of cardiovascular disease (similar to Vitamin B17)
  • a positive effect on increasing muscle mass, and by many athletes as an alternative to synthetic steroids that are known that can have many side effects

Maca Root Powder Side Effects

Unlike many chemical medicines, there are no harmful side effects of maca root powder, so it can be taken daily in large quantities. In the market can be found in the form of powder or capsules. Maca regulates hormones, and since there have been no testing to prove the safety of use in patients suffering from cancers related with hormones of breast, ovaries, uterus, testicles – these people need to be extremely cautious. Maca root powder should not be taken during pregnancy and lactation.

People who have the gall and liver disease, or high blood pressure, definitely should consult a physician before using maca root powder. It is also not wise to take it if you are using medications that increase fertility, as well as with ginseng.

Number of researches on the impact of maca root powder on human health is growing day by day, and it’s more than enough reason to put the maca root powder (Lepidium meyenii) in your diet.


  1. I am a 51 year old male in very good shape. I have been using Maca powder with Amazing Grass Greens and Brewers Yeast with a scoop of whey protein this drink has changed my life. I have more energy than ever and my workouts are off the charts. I feel I am pumped all day. I have more endurance and my wife has to run way from me! Try it!

    • We are glad Maca Powder and mixture with grass greens and brewers yeas has showed to be a good combination for your health. Please follow us for more interesting topics. We will be opening a forum very soon.

      Thank you for your time.

  2. I am on blood pressure medication and low dosage aspirin. Is it still safe for me to take Macau root powder? I already nought the powder, but read the side effects. I really want to know before I take it.

  3. Since I started going through Menopause about 2 yrs. ago, I have really suffered with hot flashes and night sweats. I have Sarcoidosis, which makes them even worse (people with sarcoidosis often have these same symptoms even though they’re NOT going through Menopause). I have had breast cancer so cannot take estrogen, in fact, I am on Tamoxifen, which reduces the amount of estrogen in my body in an attempt to keep the breast cancer from returning. My doctor’s have had me on MANY different medications to give me relief from the hot flashes (I often feel like I’m going to spontaneously combust!) and night sweats (VERY negatively affects my sleep!). Some of them work for a while, but then stop. My sister told me that someone had told her to try MACA Powder (the one she used is actually called MACA POWER) so I tried it. AMAZING! It’s the ONLY thing I’ve found that helps me!

  4. looking to use Maca Powder. I have many allergies, had lymph node surgery, take pressure tablets and going through menopause.

  5. I would like to say it was effective for me since when I took it I had a really bad sore throat and a little bit of an ear infection. I went to the doctor got some medicine and it still didn’t help. But after three days of taking “organic” pure maca root in a form of a pill it went away. I would say it was a mixture of both medicine and the maca, but I am pretty sure medicine alone didn’t do the trick. Try to only get the organic maca root.

  6. Will maca powder help me get pregnant, I have had ivf before and it worked 2nd time around but i would love another baby, would this help and how???????????

  7. Came to site to see benefits and side effects of the maca root. Only found the benefits. Where are the side effects list? If you don’t have them can you let me know where I can read about them?

  8. I have been taking spirulina and it’s very beneficial. I just bought Maca powder today and I took one tea spoon… I am sure it will benefit me. I just love super foods.

  9. I am 50 with hypothyroidism for many years and taking Levothyroxine regularly. I was wondering if it would be OK for me to take Maca Root with this condition. If anyone could give me an answer it would be much appreciate it.
    Thank you :)

  10. just curious, will maca help with fat loss? I have read different comments, looking for someone with actual experienc on this. Thanks!

  11. Thanks for the Post. My experience with maca root supplements is very positive. I was in a stage that i was constantly tired and in bad mood(depressed). Couldn’t get up from the bed in the morning. I heard about maca properties and decided to try it. Started with daily dose of 500mg of raw maca powder, but it had bad effect on my stomach. I changed it to Gelatinized form of maca( i took organic gelatinized capsules) and after a while felt some improvement. I increased my daily dose to 1000mg and after 2 month I had energies that i couldn’t believe! Now it’s been 8 months and I’m still taking maca as a part of my daily diet and very happy with my high energies.