What are Eye Floaters? Treatment, Cures and Solution of Eye Floaters, Myodesopsia (Black Spots in Vision)

What are Eye Floaters? Treatment, Cures and Solution of Eye Floaters, Myodesopsia (Black Spots in Vision)

eye floatersDo you see black spots in vision – eye floaters? Many people do, and this is known as eye floaters. In the text below you we will be able to find out what is treatment, cures, solution for eye floaters (myodesopsia). Black spots in vision (myodesopsia) are problem that is often underestimated. When they occur, the best is to consult a specialist doctor. They are also known as “eye floaters”. However, the scientific term for boring black spots that “fly” in the field of vision sounds a little complicated: myodesopsia. With 85 percent of cases, these spots, like the shadows that follow every movement of the eye, are caused by the defect on the back of the vitreous body. Gelatin structure, vitreous body occupies four fifths volume of the eye between the lens and retina and gives the eye’s apple shape. “Dent in the vitreous body is like a ball full of gelatin which constitutes 99 percent water. The rest are organic salts, proteins such as collagen and acids, “explains Mark Kodenoti, the surgeon Detroit Ocular clinic.

What are Eye Floaters Cures, Solution and Treatment?

floatersWith the years, primarily in nearsighted people, the structure of the vitreous body will weaken, which participates in the delicate balance of molecules that make up the gel-like mass. It is no longer homogeneous; the molecule splits and releases water, forming a lump in the form of collagen bundles or networks. In some cases, in 10 percent of people under 40 and 60 percent of those over 70 years, come to breaking back of the eyeball. Chang of the structure of fluid inside the eyeball leads to these changes and may cause retinal stretch.
When this happens, you can see the “dots” that fly in front of the eye. “The patient has a feeling to see the shadows.”It may happen that the vitreous body is separated from the retina near the optic nerve, and parts of the tissue remains attached, occupying the central visual field. They are known as floaters in the eye. What complications are caused by splitting the last part of the vitreous body? In most cases, the situation remains stable, while in some cases it may happen that stretching of the glassy body to create a crack in the retina and that part of the liquid penetrates through the cracks. The biggest risk lies in the fact that the retina can crack.

eye-floatersSo, what is solution and treatment for eye floaters? The only effective treatment is a vitrectomy (PPV) but briefly every ophthalmologist will admit that it is very risky surgery and the surgeons generally do not want to do it “only” because of eye floaters. Vitrectomy is a surgery that removes the eye vitreous or vitreous body (corpus vitreum) from the eye and surgically approaches to the ocular background. The part of an eye where surgeon enters the eye is called the pars plana, so the operation is often called a pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) or vitrectomy. Among all cures for eye floaters this is one that will least be recommended by your doctor, but unfortunately this is the most efficient one. Your oculist will probably tell you to try to lower your stress level and learn how to think positive. He might also suggest you to try some therapy with essential oils, like patchouli oil therapy. It could show some results, so that is why surgeon is the last option. It is the most efficient one, but the riskiest as well.
The other well-known solution and treatment for eye floaters is laser treatment. This method works by breaking the floaters with the laser, and seem to be most appropriate for large floaters which are constantly kept in the center of the visual field. Patients with such floater in the majority were satisfied with the results. Of course, eye floater cannot be removed from the eye; they can just chop it, into several smaller floaters instead of one large. Enough for someone who could not read, because of large floaters, to start reading now. Laser crops them easily into smaller pieces, so they can move freely in the eye and do not cover the whole vision but occasionally. Unfortunately, for large number of small and relatively movable eye floaters, the effect of the laser is negligible, and sometimes counterproductive. So, as you can see black dots in vision, eye floaters, or simply “myodesopsia” is a problem which could be more serious than you think. For eye floater’s treatment FeelGoodTime.net highly recommends Can-c Eye-drops.
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  1. Sue Britton says:

    Consider having a vitrectomy if your floaters are bad enough. I have vision in only one eye and my floaters were horrible. I often could not even focus to see what was in front of me. Being an avid reader, I dreaded the day when I could no longer track words on a page. That day arrived! So after searching and several doctors refusing to do the surgery, I found a retinal specialist who agreed to do the surgery! I’ve never been more thankful and thrilled in my whole life. One 45 minute procedure with no pain, and I’m floater free and they can never come back because all the vitreous has been removed. No one who hasn’t suffered from floaters can know the level of disability it creates. Trust me, it’s no more risky than any other surgery. I knew the risks and was more than happy to take them. After 22 eye surgeries on my non-vision eye, this was a piece of cake. Find a surgeon today who will do the procedure. It’s so worth it!!!

    • kuki sharma says:

      thats for showing the way you and i share the same problem i too can see from one eye- amblymiopia – will decide for surgery,,,but one think i have notice that my mind has started accepting them as part of life… Do you feel some wave in your vision or floating vision problem as all doctors say it may be a side effect

  2. Sue Britton says:

    Please notify me of comments by email. I forgot to click the boxes when I submitted comment.

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