What is Plantar Wart Removal, Symptoms?

plantar wartA plantar wart verrucae – verruca plantaris is an extremely common condition in the surface of the foot and is caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). They are characterized by wart; thickened lesions are formed on the soles of the feet. Given the special characteristics of the foot skin, and weight the feet suffer, these lesions are often placed very deeply, causing considerable pain when walking.

They may be single or can be duplicated to form the foot plates and mosaics. Plantar warts have a clear border, black spots (blood vessels) on the surface of the lesion and hurt more when you put pressure on the lesion. During the time they are increased and usually changed around the original plantar wart.

Plantar wart is a condition obtained by direct contact with the virus HPV, unlike dandruff cause. There are about 100 types of this virus. Some cause warts on the hands, the other on the genitals, and a portion of them on foot. Types that cause changes in the feet are not highly contagious, they favor warm and humid environment, such as hot showers, swimming pools, hot public baths.

The virus is most commonly infected by walking barefoot. Like other infectious diseases HPV can be transmitted from person to person and from one place to another by touching the feet and peeling changes.

Each person has a different immune response to contact with this virus, so it will not infect all individuals who come into contact with the virus. Even the staff of one family reacts differently and that is why this virus cannot infect all members of the household. Plantar warts are more common in damaged and harvested skin and in a weakened immune system.

One of the things that even doctors do not understand is that some people are more easily infected with HPV, while others do not. Children and teenagers are especially susceptible to this virus which can cause plantar wart. They are not dangerous, but however, the plantar wart removal should be conducted on time.

Plantar Wart Treatment and Removal

Plantar wart treatment and removal can be very difficult, because they are very persistent and difficult to treat. Also, the virus can plantar wart picturesspread to the entire surface of the foot before treatment. The best therapy is the treatment of new changes as soon as possible. If the individual is not treated the amount of plantar warts can be increased. This is a very painful condition, which makes it difficult to walk and run.

Treatment at home (plantar wart home remedies) can often be effective. It involves the application of salicylic acid selectively only on the change, while protecting the surrounding skin. In a study published 2002nd the treatment of plantar wart with duck tape was administered for six days without removal led to better results than cryotherapy. Disadvantage of the procedure is the fact that this kind of treatment cannot be effective without the use of two months.

If the warts are painful and persistent doctor will recommend (plantar wart removal):

  • Cryotherapy, freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times, with a gap of seven days.
  • Electro-fulguration, includes radio waves with an additional curettage. The change removes with one charge. A local anesthetic is necessary, after which the procedure is completely painless.
  • Laser removal, can be performed with different lasers. It is painful and may involve multiple treatments.
  • Imiquimod, immunotherapy, which stimulates the body to produce cytokines, and rejects the plantar wart. The therapy is expensive and may be unsuccessful.
  • Bleomycin, cytostatic, which kills the virus. Administered directly into the wart and leads to drying and its rejection.
  • Prevention , avoid direct contact with the plantar wart , keep your feet dry and clean,  do not walk barefoot in public places.  Do not use common accessories for foot care

In next articles we will remain writing about verruca, and the next articles will be about verruca vulgaris and verruca plana. As usually for the end we give you some plantar wart pictures. So, we hope this article helped you find information about veruccae, plantar wart treatment, symptoms and removal.

plantar wart picturesplantar wart picturesplantar wart pictures, Plantar wart

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