What is Wasp Sting Treatment?

wasp sting pictures, Wasp Sting TreatmentWasp sting treatment is something we all needed at least once in our lives. Wasps usually cause allergies due to release toxins. After the bite wasps leave their sting in which are bubbles of toxins from the insect’s abdomen. The bite can be very painful and allergic reactions usually occur within 1 hour of injection.
Seek immediate medical help if you have a history of serious reactions to insect stings or if you have any severe symptoms.

In this article our focus will be on wasp sting treatment of swelling, how to get rid of wasps, and wasp nest removal. First we will explain what wasp sting treatment is and in second part of this article we will explain the wasp nest removal ways. Luckily there are cures for wasp bites.

If you get bitten by wasps, the first thing you should do is treat it with cold, clean water. Clean water helps in toxic removal. The swelling usually occurs in next few minutes and cold water helps to reduce it.

Treat stings the natural way! When you’re in the forest, park or anywhere outdoors is best to take some soil and water and make some mud. Then you apply it generously to the site. In addition to reducing the pain of wasp stings, this will also affect on the swelling. It can be done quickly, easily and widely available. And it works!

You can also use vinegar. It’s easy to find it on a picnic, and unfortunately these are the places where wasps like to be uninvited guests. You do not need a lot of vinegar, because it is a fluid of low viscosity. And it is very effective!

If you get bitten at your home you can use toothpaste. Not only it reduces the pain, but also helps with swelling around the bite. Now, we all have toothpaste in our home, don’t we? The ice is another way to calm the pain and reduce swelling around the injection site. Do not just put it directly on the skin. Put it in a kitchen towel or cloth before placing in on a site.

Quickly react if someone you know is allergic to insect stings, when his body suddenly swells, gets skin rash and, most importantly, if he has trouble with breathing. It is a condition called anaphylactic shock! Those who know they are suffering from this type of allergy usually have an EpiPen (Epinephrine Auto-Injectors), an injection that is given in the upper thigh, sometimes through clothing. For such cases wasp bites can cause death, so your reaction must be quick and firm!

If the person is unaware that he is allergic and suffers a severe allergic reaction, call an ambulance and quickly transport the person straight to the hospital. Explain the symptoms to emergency personnel so they can respond quickly and properly. Explain that a person was bitten by wasp. Even if you gave him an EpiPen (Epinephrine Auto-Injectors), call the hospital.

What is Wasp Nest Removal? How to Get Rid of Wasps?

wasp nest, Wasp Sting TreatmentFirst we have to explain how the wasp nest works so you can understand with more ease how to get rid of them. From mid-April the queens seek food and a place to build nests. At that time, nectar of willow flowers serves as a food source for them. After about two to three weeks of feeding and searching for a place to nest, in a dark, protected place queen builds a nest of chewed cellulose fibers.

Nuts nests are often placed in the subterranean habitat that would be later, with the growth of litters, increased. However, a number of other dark places and holes in buildings are used by wasps to build nests. Initial nest has only seven fifty cells attached to the bottom hole on the “roof” and protected by a round nest envelope.

Number and size of wasps are growing rapidly and typically has about 3000-4000 individuals. Very large colonies can count up to 10,000 individuals, and in extreme cases even up to 50,000. In late autumn the old queen dies, and then wasp communities are falling apart. With a first signs of winter, the last worker of the old community dies. Only the young fertilized queens seek for protected shelters. When they have found it, they spend the winter in the winter stiffness. The next spring a young queen starts new colony building a new nest in the appropriate place and raises the first generation of workers. It is a normal cycle in nature.

Wasp nest can be found in the hollows, such as abandoned mouse holes, or in walls, attics or storage areas, or in the corners that hold the clay pots with flowers.

If you think there is an existence of wasp nests near you the best action is to contact a specialized company for insecticides. You can find such companies easily in telephone directory. That is the best way, and the only way you can protect yourself and your family for wasp bites.

If necessary, you can pay for the destruction of the wasp nests, however, the colony will disappear at the end of the season anyway, and then you can close the holes that allowed entrance or some other place where the wasp nest is formed, and thus prevent the entry next season. For external wasp nests best way to remove is to destroy it with the appropriate chemicals. Any chemical treating of wasps involves action in the early morning or evening, when they are peaceful in their nests. The most used and effective chemical concentrate is Viper Insect Concentrate.

One of the ways is to make wasp traps. To do this put some sweet syrup in big bottles which have small entrances. Once they get in there, they will not be able to get out, so they will die there. But in this way you will not be able to get rid of them all. Imagine if their nest has a 10 000 wasps? Also, one of the oldest and most aggressive ways to get rid of wasps is to burn their nest. Unfortunately, if you do this they will all probably die. This is the cheapest way and widely the most used one.

This was the article where you could find out how to get rid of wasps and for similar topics we recommend dust mite bites, bed bug registry and how to get rid of chiggers. Remember if you want to get rid of wasps, wasp nest removal is easy but the best way is to contact a professional.

And for the end we give you some wasp sting pictures:

wasp sting pictures, Wasp Sting Treatmentwasp sting pictures, Wasp Sting Treatmentwasp sting pictures, Wasp Sting Treatment

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