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FeelGoodTime.net invites authors who would like to take part in our revenue sharing program. In simple words, when you are writing for FeelGoodTime.net, you are giving yourself a promotion and also you will get a quality backlinks to your site.

Why Should You Write For Us?

FeelGoodTime.net as one of the latest top brands in health industry and more than 100 000 k (and increasing!) unique viewers per month offers you an amazing opportunity to promote yourself and your site. We give this special feature as a token of appreciation to all our dear readers around the world.

And that is not all! We are giving you our web space to promote yourself and your website as well. You can place one unique backlink to your website or profile in your guest post. Upon registering you will get your own interface where you can write and submit your articles. The articles are being published, when our team of experts gives a green light. It normally takes less than 4 hours. We do expect you to have a Gravatar profile. If you don’t, you can get one for free here: http://gravatar.com

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However, there are guest posting guidelines you have to follow.

Guest Posting guidelines

  • Quality and unique content is a must at FeelGoodTime.net. We are really strict in this. Please don’t try to trick us, our team of experts filters your every word. Quality and unique content is what got us here in the first place. Our readers are our primary concern and we are offering only quality goods to them.
  • Minimum words for article should be 500+. We respect our readers and this is a minimum which will provide them enough reading material. More words your article has, more chances it will be approved, but of course focus on quality first!
  • Health niche is what we do here. We do not accept articles which aren’t based on health topics. Our guests are here for one reason: health, and health only.
  • Author Bio is a must. Please, make sure to fill in your author bio and join a team of other medicine experts. We do not give a self promotional links in text and your author bio will give you more than enough credibility and promotion.
  • One Backlink per article. Not only we give you a chance to promote yourself via your Author Bio, but we also give you a feature of leaving one backlink back to your website. Anchor text, direct backlink it’s up to you! Also, backlinks SHOULD be health related.
  • Affiliate links should not be posted in your article. If you are linking back to your money site, make sure to do it with a backlink system explained above. Thank you for respecting this.
  • PR3 is the minimum Page Rank the website’s Home Page you are linking back to should have. This is because our Home Page PR is 3.

That’s it! As you can see our readers are our primary concern. Play by the book and your articles will be in our database. Our team of experts does the best to provide quality and unique content and we believe YOU have a potential to be a part of quality. Promote yourself, promote your website for free and be a host to our amazing readers. Thank you for being part of our special feature and a most valuable part of our amazing staff. Register here:

Register here.

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